Strawberry Fanatic

April 1, 2013 § 1 Comment


Apples are (finally) out, and strawberries finally here.

Every fall I am thrilled to sink my teeth into my first crisp Pink Lady or Mutsu apple. I make apple sauce, apple cake and apple butter. I eat at least an apple a day, and I rave about my favorite apple varieties to anyone who will listen.

But by the time March rolls around, I am dreaming about the fruits of spring and summer, and can hardly stand the thought of one more mealy, late-season apple.

Well, mealy-apples will sustain me no more. Today, I opted for the glorious, if slightly under-ripe, strawberries at the farmers market. An entire half-flat of them!

They may not be perfectly sweet, but at the very least they represent the end of winter, and bring hope for the heaps of fruit that will soon overtake the farmers’ markets. In the coming months I will stuff myself with strawberries, stain my fingers with cherries, and eat more apricots, nectarines and plums than one woman is really entitled to. By the time fall rolls around again, I’m sure I will regain my appreciation of apples, but for now I will savor every berry I can get my hands on.

And if I don’t polish off my whole half-flat of strawberries by tomorrow, you can expect some strawberry-centered recipes later this week!


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