Plum Rhubarb Tart

July 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

As promised, more plums!

Picking plums is always risky business for me. I usually use a fruit picker to get plums off my parent’s tree, but I’m starting to think this isn’t the best method. For every two plums I successfully capture in the picker, I always shake at least one plum off the tree. This makes for exciting, but wasteful, plum picking, as I duck and weave under the falling fruit. Next year I may try using a ladder!

I think I was inspired to combine rhubarb and plums because I  have a single, young rhubarb plant growing in my garden. The rhubarb was looking pretty wimpy for the past few weeks, and I pretty much forgot about it.  And then, just as plums came into full swing the season, my rhubarb made a comeback! It is still way too small to harvest, but it is looking strong, and I think it deserves a bit credit for this recipe.

Whatever the inspiration, I hope you enjoy! And don’t be wary of the tartness of combining plums and rhubarb…with just a little bit of sugar, it makes a delicious dessert!

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Roasted and Raw Beet Salad

July 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

Beets are, for me, one of the easier vegetables to grow.  They always take up a little more garden space than I expect, and there are always a few beets that never move beyond the “baby beet” stage, but I can normally depend on them. Same with arugula. In May, after missing the window for growing lettuce, I tossed some arugula seeds on my planter. With nothing more than regular watering, I had a solid, somewhat haphazzard, layer of arugula less than two months later!

That is how I came to this salad. I knew I wanted to combine my arugula and beets. I also knew I wanted to try something new with beets, which is how I decided on a roasted and raw combination. I have always been hesitant about raw beets, assuming they would be tough and tasteless. I still wouldn’t suggest biting into raw beet like an apple, but let me tell you, raw beets won me over! They are crisp and fresh, and delicious in this salad. « Read the rest of this entry »

Plum Jam

July 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Plums, plums and more plums! It is officially plum season. My parents have an incredible plum tree in their backyard, which means that for the next few weeks I will have more plums than I know what to do with. It also means that this is probably the first of several posts involving plums!

I always know it’s time to start picking the plums when I start seeing them on the ground. It seems to happen almost over night. One day there are hundreds of small green plums on the tree, and the next the tree is heavy with purple and red fruits and the ground is spotted with the first overripe plums.

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Mexican Grilled Corn

July 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last summer I went on an epic cross-country road trip with my boyfriend. Starting in northern California, we basically circled the country counter clockwise. We went as far south as Lousianna, and as far north as Vermont. We stopped in states as different as Utah, Georgia, New York, North Dakota and Montana. And we had some incredible food along the way.

Among all of the delicious and unique meals we had, one restaurant that stood out was a place in Durham, North Carolina. It had one of the most delicious food items of our trip, and also one of the least appetizing. On the bad side, my boyfriend ordered a pimento grilled cheese sandwich. We had heard that pimento cheese was a southern staple of sorts, but neither of us were fans. The sandwich had almost 5 solid inches of cheese, but none of it was melted. So it was basically a giant cheese sandwich on toasted bread. I would be fine never having pimento cheese again. On the positive side, I ordered a Mexican corn dish that I loved. It was really simple, with some cheese, some chili powder, and I’m pretty sure some butter or mayonnaise. I’d had similar Mexican corn before this trip, and similar corn since, but for some reason the corn in North Carolina just stood out. It was scrumptious.

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